YouStats IO

Our cloud service automatically captures data from YouTube and improves the efficiency of SMM agencies, SEO experts, and business projects working in the YouTube marketing field.
Make your own YouTube
database in just a few clicks.
A tool that allows quick and massive collection of metadata from channels, videos, streams, playlists from the YouTube search results or by the link lists, presenting convenient results for the analysis.

YouSlats IO Features:

Parsing of YouTube search results
Collecting findings from the search results by search queries: videos, channels, streams, playlists.
Parsing of search suggestions
Collecting relevant search suggestions from the search results by words or phrases.
Parsing of video metadata
Collecting videos metadata: title, amount of views, likes, dislikes, description, channel link, video cover, etc.
Parsing of channel metadata
Collecting channel metadata: title, number of subscribers, number of views, number of videos on the channel, country of the channel, etc.
Parsing of playlist metadata
Collecting playlist metadata: title, number of videos in the playlist, video information from the playlists, etc.
Parsing of channel’s social networks
Collecting the list of links to social networks mentioned in the “About channel” section to get in touch with the channel owner with business proposals.
Downloading video’s subtitles
Service allows downloading video subtitles, which can be used as website content.
Parsing of trends by countries
Service lets you know about trendy videos in different countries, allowing you to receive their metadata.

Who can benefit from this service?

SMM agencies
YouTube is an efficient platform for business promotion through video integration with famous bloggers.
Find new rapidly-growing channels with a target audience of your product to extract their contacts, and offer cooperation.
SEO specialists
YouTube is a gold mine of metadata and website content.
With our service, you can extract video titles, video links, video covers, video subtitles, and other information to create the content for websites and channels, improving their positions in the search results.
Bloggers and developing channels
YouTube is a fantastic generator of new ideas. This service helps developing bloggers find related thematic channels, track their growth, and borrow ideas for their projects.

Helping you work with YouTube data more efficiently

We create a user-friendly and straightforward cloud service, which will help you work with YouTube data more productively!
Save collected data in a convenient format
You can save data in .CSV or .XLSX tables for convenient examination and analysis.
History of tasks with saved results
You can always go back to previously gathered information and save them if they were lost.
Data is collected while you are busy with other things
Create an assignment and start parsing while you are busy doing something else. Service will notify you when the collection is completed.
Work from any device
YouStats IO interface works well with any mobile device. You can start collecting even from your cellphone.
Simple and easy service interface
The service's interface is so simple that even those unfamiliar with such services can create an assignment and achieve good results.
Get results by REST API
You can set up integration with YouStats IO by REST API and get results directly to your app without the service's interface.

How does it work?

Creating an assignment for parsing
In the service panel, choose an assignment and give it a title.
Parsing settings
Choose desired settings and filters for the parsing.
Request assignment implementation
Send your assignment to be executed and get busy with other things.
Getting results
Sometime later, you will be notified by email about assignment completion. Then, you can examine the results.
Downloading the results
At this stage, you can decide whether you want to download the results into CSV or XLSX tables and save them on your computer.
Dmitriy [Meteoburn]
SEO expert, Webmaster
Dmitriy is an expert in the SEO optimization of videos and YouTube channels for the last 6 years, the creator of the YouTube-DorGen software project.

The YouStats IO project aims to provide quick, automated data collection from YouTube, which helps to improve advertising campaigns' results, allowing to find unique content and ideas for websites and YouTube channels.

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